Lyle Fire Department creates the blue address signs for you

Many private roads and driveways in our district remain unmarked, or poorly marked. While often attractive, wooden signs can blend in with surrounding vegetation or can be obscured by snow. A reflective house number sign is a cheap investment that will facilitate a quick and timely response should you have an emergency. You can make one, buy one on your own, or you can buy one from our department. We make them up in house for a donation of $20, and we’ll deliver it to your door so you’re sure we know exactly where your house is. We do not install the signs so the reflective sign should be placed where your private road or driveway intersects the county road system.


For information on how to obtain an address sign please contact us at 509-365-2500

You may also download the application form here:

Public Address Sign Request

Then email or mail it to us to the information on the pdf.

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