Lyle Fire Department accepts a number of donations


If you have an old house or other property you are considering destroying, consider having it burned.  There is no better training for firefighters than working in a live fire environment.  Donating a building for a “Burn To Learn” provides valuable training opportunity for your local fire department, while reducing your demolition and cleanup costs.  For more information contact


Patient extrication from motor vehicle accidents (MVA) is one of our highest priorities.  Every year we have several accidents where patients must be removed from crumpled cars with our rescue tools (known as “Jaws of Life”).  We use every opportunity we can to train for these type of incidents.  We can always use more cars or vehicles.  If you would like to donate a vehicle, we can pick it up and provide you with a letter of receipt for tax purposes.  For more information contact


As a voluntary department, monetary donations are always appreciated and gratefully received.  We serve our community the best we can within our capacity, but we live in a small community where funding is limited.

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