Klickitat County Fire/EMS

As fire’s grow, we need to tap into resources outside of our district.  Through the Klickitat County Interagency Fire Association (KCIFA), we have built a bond to help each other out.  With that bond, we meet monthly to communicate any issues, concerns, or ways to build our service as a team county wide.

Here at Lyle Fire Department, we have broken the departments up into segments to give a brief description of those areas.  We are not experts in knowing other regions so feel free to take a look at who they are and what they’re about and maybe they can provide more information about their area.

North Western Columbia River Gorge

If your hiking or fishing around Mt. Adams, it’s good to know where you are and who is going to help you if something happens.  These are the two main fire departments that will be the first response.  They know their district and work together with the other county departments so have fun in good hands.

KCFPD #1 – Trout Lake

KCFPD #8 – Glenwood

Western Columbia River Gorge

You’re approaching more of an urban area, but these guys are trained in diverse situations.  Outside of structure fires, wildland fires, medical calls and not to mention motor vehicle accidents, their response also includes a national train network, hiking incidents, as well as providing service in a major water rafting/kayaking network.


KCFPD#3 – Husum

City of White Salmon

City of Bingen

North Central Columbia River Gorge

Fishing is one of the most spectacular pieces to this area. Medical service is beyond professional as one of the chief’s is employed by the counties professional ambulance service. The fire service is just as good and we have worked hand in hand for many a long time

KCFPD #12 – Klickitat

KCFPD #15 – Wahkiacus

Central Columbia River Gorge

Thingsshould start looking a bit dryer.  After you hit the Klickitat River, you walk into the rain shadow, less conifers, more deciduous.  The hiking here is amazing, a hidden secret.  The wildflowers come out and produce an amazing display.  This creates an increase of hikers and mountain bikers which is something we all prepare for.  Please prepare yourself, knowing exactly where you are, or bringing the appropriate equipment to help us find you. We are still along Highway 14 and are concerned of people traveling through so please travel safe on the single lane highway.  As summers near, the area dry’s out a lot faster than those listed above, wildland fires are a major concern, so please respect this country and those that choose to live here.

KCFPD #4 – Lyle

KCFPD #14 – High Prairie

KCFPD #13 – Appleton

KCFPD #6 – Dallesport

KCFPD #5 – Centerville

KCFPD #11 – Wishram

Eastern Columbia River Gorge

The eastern gorge is the driest.  The rain shadow has taken full effect and fire danger is extreme in the summer.  Please take care and follow all regulations while in this area.  Motor vehicle accidents are still a major concern as there are treacherous areas within major highways in these areas that really sneak up on travelers.  Again, you will be dealing with top notch personnel if you find yourself working with them.

KCFPD #7 – Rural 7

City of Goldendale

KCFPD #2 – Bickelton

KCFPD #9 – Roosevelt

KCFPD #10 – Alderdale

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